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A dog's purpose. [videorecording]
Author: Hallstrom, Lasse, director. -- Robertson, Britt, actor. -- Apa, K. J. (Keneti James), 1997-, actor. -- Ortiz, John, actor. -- Quaid, Dennis, actor. -- Gad, Josh, 1981-, actor. -- Motion picture adaptation of (work) Cameron, W. Bruce. Dog's purpose. -- Amb
Publisher: Moore Park, NSW Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2017]
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 8/01/2018 3:05:32 PM
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Theres enough in the movie to keep the adults and the children entertained throughout. Bailey dies multiple times and while one of the deaths may be a little confronting the astute parent should be able to handle it. And the adults will surely appreciate the growth in the characters of Ethan and Hannah as the journey from youthful hopes to adult reality and then back to hope will match the lives of many watching. Overall A Dogs Purpose is an entertaining movie that doesnt shy away from some deep questions about the nature of existence. In the end Bailey finds his purpose but the movie also asks us the viewer what ours is as well.httpswww.impulsegamer.comdogs-purpose-dvd-review
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Rough night. [videorecording]
Author: Aniello, Lucia, film director, screenwriter, film producer. -- Tolmach, Matt, film producer. -- Becky, Dave, film producer. -- Downs, Paul W., film producer, actor, screenwriter. -- Johansson, Scarlett, 1984-, actor. -- McKinnon, Kate, 1984-, actor. -- Be
Publisher: Australia Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Ã2017.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 8/01/2018 2:50:27 PM
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ROUGH NIGHT doesnt rewrite the rulebook on adult raunchy comedies. While it doesnt deviate from the formula that has been used successfully in the past it has its own style and provides plenty of fun and laughs. A solid fun and hysterical movie ROUGH NIGHT is well worth a
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The unholy consult / R. Scott Bakker.
Author: Bakker, R. Scott, author.
Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] : Orbit, 2017. -- London Orbit, 2017.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 12/12/2017 12:53:33 PM
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Ultimately even though the major cliffhanger ending might displease some readers The Unholy Consult caps off The Aspect-Emperor series with style and aplomb. The strike on Golgotterath was every bit as rousing and captivating as we could have hoped for. And though there is no book deal in sight whatever comes next will have Bakker fans foaming at the mouth for it will be impossible for readers not to pick it up to discover what happens next. The slog of slogs has come to an end with a thrilling finale. Expectations were incredibly high yet R. Scott Bakker managed to live up to them and then some!
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Fever city / Tim Baker.
Author: Baker, Tim.
Publisher: New York : Europa Editions, 2016.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 12/12/2017 12:39:14 PM
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A huge story and a layered plot producing a novel written in a powerful style Tim Baker has taken on a big challenge with Fever City and risen to it producing a remarkable work and leaving us with a promise of more good reads to come.httpwww.thrillerbooksjournal.comfever-city-tim-baker
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Too wild to tame / Tessa Bailey.
Author: Bailey, Tessa.
Publisher: : Hachette Australia, 2017 -- New York, NY Forever, 2017.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 12/12/2017 12:25:19 PM
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Im happy with the way Too Wild to Tame concluded and Im definitely a fan of Tessa Baileys style of love story. Words have the power to hurt but they also have the power to express love. Looking forward to seeing how Peggy makes a man from her pasts life a living hell.httpwww.staceyissassy.comreview-too-wild-to-tame-tessa-bailey
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Safe from harm / R.J. Bailey.
Author: Bailey, R. J., author.
Publisher: London : Simon & Schuster UK, 2017. -- London Simon & Schuster UK, 2017.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 12/12/2017 12:23:00 PM
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This really is a gripping and claustrophobic thriller that leaves you guessing as to what will happen next and what a way to introduce a new exciting character in Sam Wylde. One thing is for sure she is kicking ass and taking names proving that women can be physical as well as cerebral. Book readers have a new heroine and she is so welcome.httpsnudge-book.comblog201702safe-from-harm-by-r-j-bailey
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The dark lake / Sarah Bailey.
Author: Bailey, Sarah, author.
Publisher: Crows Nest, New South Wales Allen & Unwin 2017
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 12/12/2017 10:46:57 AM
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The Dark Lake plays along at a slow and steady beat aided by the clear timeline of events headed in each new chapter. Lots of time is devoted to setting the scene developing characters and their motivations. There is no shortage of potential suspects and possible outcomes to Rosalinds murder. I know I had absolutely no inclination as to the circumstances of the murder until the final reveal. I think this is indicative of Baileys skill as a crime writer to keep you guessing and keep you very much engaged in the unfolding mystery until the final hour.The Dark Lake is a mystifying story choosing to reveal its deepest secrets at precise moments. I do hope we hear more from this impressive new writer Sarah Bailey very soon.httpsbooksatdawn.com20171019the-dark-lake-by-sarah-bailey-review
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Hard labour / Bill Bateman.
Author: Bateman, Bill, author.
Publisher: Florey, ACT Odyssey Books, 2017.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 11/12/2017 12:55:57 PM
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As you'd expect from a debut novel things do get a little ropey in places and it might take a little while for readers to twig that the style is slightly tongue in cheek - particularly given the subject matter may not initially seem likely to blend with a slight sense of farce. Go with it though and you could be pleasantly surprised. For any minor faults HARD LABOUR's an interesting undertaking of an unusual crime and background introducing an unusual sort of protagonist. There seems to be some hints around that this could be the start of a new series.httpswww.austcrimefiction.orgreviewreview-hard-labour-bill-bateman
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Black mad wheel / Josh Malerman.
Author: Malerman, Josh, author.
Publisher: London : HarperCollins Publishers, 2017. -- London HarperCollins Publishers, 2017.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 5/12/2017 10:54:13 AM
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Black Mad Wheel is full of action great dialogue and populated by some interesting well-developed characters even if some are just human props but perhaps the best thing about it is that it walks a fine line between a mystery a horror story and an adventure narrative. Fans of all those should pick this one up immediately. Furthermore there is an inescapable sense of doom and weirdness that permeates the novel. There is strange science in action and a lot of military secrecy but the goat walking silently in the dessert the passages that take place underground the soldiers from past wars and that huge question mark that hangs over everything add up to a novel with an outstanding atmosphere that delivers the goods on many levels. httpswww.horrortalk.comreviewsbook-reviews7541-black-mad-wheel-josh-malerman-book-review.html
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Binding song, the
Author: Harper, Elodie
Publisher: : Hachette Australia, 2017
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 5/12/2017 10:37:16 AM
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Possibly one of the most chilling and atmospheric books I have read this year I cant quite believe this was a debut novel. Ill certainly be looking for more by this author in future. httpsjenmedsbookreviews.com20171029the-binding-song-elodie-harper
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